Monday, February 13, 2012

Swamp People

Well, a week has passed without incident. No arrests, no muggings, no romantic assignations, haven't heard from the IRS, and the heating system and fireplace are keeping me warm. Did do one thing of note: went line-dancing last night and learned that I am directionally challenged. I have no idea why those people couldn't keep up with me. They kept miscounting and turning in the wrong direction, which caused no small amount of injury.

Am off to Hilton Head today for the South Carolina Literacy Council. Pretty upscale event called "Cooks and Books". Unlike most charity events, they are footing the bill. Staying at the Westin Resort, a seventy-five dollar a head reception and the event on Sunday where the island's top chefs will have samples of food and seven other authors and myself will sign books. Sounds like fun and will give me a chance to see old friends like "Fast" Eddie and Chaz, the framer, and Deb, the beautiful.

The new Cole Sturtevant/Carsyn Thoreau novel is progressing. Three chapters done this week; however, a lot of time spent in research on the lowcountry and antebellum mansions. I feel musty and historical. I just wish I knew the motive for the crime - if there was a crime - and who did it. It's interesting for an author to be as much in the dark as the reader, but that's what makes it stimulating. Can't outline; it would be like writing a research paper. I will have to take a break from the new book on the fourteenth, which is the date my publisher says I will be sent the new novel, A Season for Killing to be proofed. My favorite thing.

Things I never thought I'd do: (Should this be a regular part of my posts? Let me know) I never thought I would become addicted to a TV series (of course there's always Law & Order because sometimes it's on every channel); however while scrolling through what was available during one of my breaks, I happened upon a series on The History Channel called "Swamp People". Having written a book, Louisiana Burn, set in Cajun country and having spent a lot of time in the area, I couldn't resist checking it out. The people, their challenges, the danger they face and the beauty are mesmerizing. I could not create these characters if I tried and they're not scripted. The people are real - I've met a bunch of them - and they probably know more of life than I will ever know. And they are funny. One would have to have a sense of humor when hunting alligators for a living.

I know this is a rather fractured post, but my time is limited. Have to get on the road. Like the swamp people say: Ain' no choice. Got to get out de're and do it again.

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