Monday, February 20, 2012

On Being the Only Illiterate at a Literacy Event and Headin' to a "Weddin'"!

Okay, I'm not totally illiterate except when it comes to computers and other basic forms of technology. I did get a 'smart phone' at one point, but had to return it and get a 'dumb phone'. Did you know you can hit the wrong button on one of those things and wind up with two round trip tickets to Sweden? It is possible.

THE EVENT: Getting back to Hilton Head for Cooks & Books was a treat. Seeing friends, great food, rubbing elbows with writers I admire and good entertainment. The fact that the event drew a huge crowd (I couldn't guess a number) was also a tremendous ego boost for one who has been off book tour for awhile. I assume they all came because I was going to be there. All of the other writers assume the same thing, so I'm not an aberration. As far as illiteracy goes, I was never able to get my computer to hook into my email site; however, I am proud to say no one else (those not illiterate) could get it to accomplish that task either. The good part was that I arrived home safe, with no tickets from the South Carolina Highway Patrol and no car trouble. What more could I ask for? (see the following...).

Upon being able to get back to my cyber contacts, I found that I have been invited to a "weddin'". I can't tell you where because the town could not handle the crowd, and they asked me not to spread the word. Suffice to say, it promises to be a wild time on the bayou. Whether the creek can be called a bayou, I'm not sure, but I like the image of a bayou better than a creek. The title on the invitation is: Waterhole Branch Weddin' to be held down by the whiskey bottle fence. Miss Manners will not be consulted. No major production. Put on your camos or your jeans or your Mardi Gras colors and come on over. NO-ZERO-NADA GIFTS!

Can you imagine a better "weddin'"? Of course it's an eight hour drive to and fro, but that's all right. Can miles take the place of friends? Not on my watch!

I know this is a short post, but I have to go see if I can scrounge up some camos. Jeans - normal jeans - will be passé at this event. And, I can "guaRUNtee" there will be stories to tell and, hopefully pictures to show when I get back.

Let me hear from you, so I can validate my continuing to write these things.

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